Black Panther

Join us for a deep dive into one of our favorite online destinations: Deviant Art. In this installment of FAN ART, Marvel superhero and box-office phenomenon BLACK PANTHER is in the spotlight.

In less than a month, Ryan Coogler’s visionary take on the superhero epic Black Panther has earned more than $1 billion globally and cracked the all-time top 10 in domestic box office grosses. To celebrate, we spent some quality time browsing the Deviant Art archives and found a half dozen stand-out interpretations of this classic Marvel character. Here’s the many faces of T’Challa, courtesy of some genuinely talented independent artists.

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Black Panther by artist DashMartin on Deviant Art

DEVIANT ART PROFILE: DashMartin  A striking take on the classic superhero action pose. Gorgeous background colors and a hyper-masculine rendering of Black Panther combine to create an image that’s equal parts retro-cool and graphic novel bold.

Black Panther by artist Thuddleston on Deviant Art

DEVIANT ART PROFILE: Thuddleston Sharp lines, strong musculature and a spot-on sense of perspective breathe life into this classy grayscale spin on the Black Panther character. Part of the artist’s excellent “Prestige Series” of superhero images.

Black Panther by artist SpiderGuile on Deviant Art

DEVIANT ART PROFILE: SpiderGuile Desaturated colors and sweeping brushstrokes give this image a painterly feel that enhances the strength and imposing presence of Black Panther. It’s also a haunting reminder that behind the mask is a proud and powerful African king.

Black Panther by artist DiegoYapur on Deviant Art

DEVIANT ART PROFILE: DiegoYapur Stark, stripped down and badass visceral, this monochromatic re-imagining of Black Panther pulls no punches. 

Black Panther by artist FantasticMystery on Deviant Art

DEVIANT ART PROFILE: FantasticMystery This full-throttle and fearless attack pose is the stuff cover images are made of. The expert color work is an overlay on an original pencil rendering by Carlos Gomez.

Black Panther by artist Frogbillgo on Deviant Art

DEVIANT ART PROFILE: Frogbillgo Fine texturing gives this brawny interpretation of Black Panther an airbrushed look. A visually sumptuous rendering that feels like a nod to classic gargoyle imagery.